Our Approach to Machine Translation

Technological advancements have resulted in the development of sophisticated translation technology, producing grammatically coherent text with minimal errors.

To manage increasing translation volumes and the need for fast turnaround times, Donnelley Language Solutions provides you with an unmatched machine translation solution using neural machine translation technology. Thanks to continuous investment by our in-house development team, and seamless integration with our MultiTrans® Translation Management System, Machine Translation is the ideal tool for high-volume, organized and structured content and documents where timeliness, privacy, and security are a concern.

Machine translation

When should Machine Translation be used?

  1. For discovery purposes in high volume content that won’t be distributed.
  2. When there is a high volume of documents under very tight time constraints.
  3. For high volume documentation where some human post editing is required for accuracy.
  4. As a tool for mining information.
  5. As an aid to translators.
  6. As an on-demand translation service as in a website.
  7. For customer engagement content that would typically remain untranslated.
  8. For technical documentation where budgets may not allow human translation.
  9.  For translation of sensitive legal documents or emails that only require getting the gist of a communication.

Automated Machine Translation

Thanks to content being handled by software without human intervention, delivery times can be faster than human-only translation. Our automated  processes respect our clients’ confidentiality and security requirements, in all regulatory environments. This service can be entirely trained and tailored to your specific needs and can provide significant cost savings over pure human translation.

Post-edited Machine Translation

For instances when the speed of machine translation is absolutely necessary but with a higher level of quality, we offer machine translation with human post-editing. The results are a higher quality than machine translation only, and you can choose between light or heavy post-editing services depending on your deadlines, budget and quality requirements.

Why Donnelley Language Solutions?


We have 30 years of experience and work with 6,000+ specialized linguists to help you communicate with confidence in any language.


By integrating with MultiTrans, our machine translation solution becomes one of the most secure automated systems in the market.


We partner with industry thought leaders and developers to offer some of the most innovative solutions on the market.

Cutting-edge technology

MultiTrans uses Neural Machine Translation, the latest and most advanced technological innovation on the market.


Everything is done in-system — improving your translation workflow by increasing efficiency and security while reducing costs.


Our MultiTrans machine translation system supports multiple language combinations and an unlimited number of words.


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global audiences.