Multilingual Legal Solutions

Law firms, legal service agencies and legal departments worldwide trust Donnelley Language Solutions, which is now part of SDL, for the translation of content across a wide variety of legal disciplines.

We provide translation and sworn translation services for litigation documentation, contracts, and other official paperwork thanks to our pool of highly specialized and certified linguists across a number of jurisdictions and languages worldwide.

Our legal clients rely on us not only for our quick turnarounds and high quality, but also for our strict confidentiality protocols—built into every step of our approach and technology—which provide a high level of security. Additionally, with the support of our multilingual project management teams, our clients can benefit from dedicated 24/7/365 personal service globally.

Lawyer translations

Efficient Translation Solutions for Complex Legal Matters

Law firms, legal services teams and legal departments within multinational organizations depend on us to help them communicate in virtually any legal system. We provide tailored language solutions in any language across these sectors:

asset management translation-01

Asset management translation

insurance translation-01


intellectual property translation-01

Intellectual property translation

life sciences translation-01

Life sciences

litigation and dispute resolution-01

Litigation and dispute resolution translation

oil and gas sector translation-01

Oil and gas sectors translation

We support the full range of legal documents.

From international litigation, and dispute resolution to intellectual property and more, we support a full range of legal requirements.

Legal document translations
  • Arbitration documents
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Court decisions and transcripts
  • Expert reports and depositions
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations
  • Patent and trademark filings
  • Legal marketing materials
  • Statement of objections
  • Litigation and dispute documents
  • Merger filings
  • M&A filings
  • Registration documents
  • Insurance documents
  • and much more

Collaborative approach, measurable results.

Our people, collaborative approach and technology translate into faster turnaround times and greater accuracy for measurable results.

Benefit from our comprehensive added-value solutions:

around the clock-01

Around-the-clock, around-the-world service

sophisticated tools-01

Sophisticated tools for greater accuracy, security, reduced costs and turnaround time

automated solutions

Automated solutions for large-volume projects

on site translation-01

On-site translation, localization, and interpretation

client specific online-01

Client-specific online and offline glossaries for quicker, more precise translations

customised portal-01

Customized web portal for centralized project management activities


Our language expertise and technologies will help you deliver more value to your global clients.