Customer Mobility: Localize Apps to Stay Competitive Worldwide

Customer Mobility: Localize Apps to Stay Competitive Worldwide

In today’s global economy it has never been so easy to reach your target audience and clients. With a tremendous increase in Smartphone users, apps have become the easiest and fastest way to be in contact with your customers. By 2020, the mobile app market is expected to grow 270% up to $189 billion. Localizing your app will be your best return on investment allowing you to be competitive worldwide.

The localization of an app is not just another step in the process. It must be taken into account from the beginning as it is a key step in all phases: UX, design and development.


First impressions last. When downloading the app, if the experience is not satisfactory, the user will remove it from the device and look for another one. This is why the UX plays such an important role for the app acceptance: breaking this first barrier. When creating an app, bear in mind all people and all cultures around the world will use it on different devices. Create a friendly and easy to use app that everybody can understand.


How do you build a friendly UX? Build a great design! Create a design that communicates your brand values and can be understood in every culture. Keep in mind the icons, logos or pictures you use. Their meaning can change between regions and you might end up sending the wrong message. Leave enough space for text so when the content is translated and the text grows it fits the space avoiding any re-formatting as much as possible.


Do not include content that has to be translated inside the source code. Program your app so that all the content to be translated can be easily exported, translated and re-imported without modifying the code. Make this easy by using variables that will retrieve the content depending on the language selected in the app.

Taking the localization process into account from the first phases of the project will prevent having to change the core of your app (UX, design and code) when translating it into other languages. This will reduce the number of hours of localization (re-design, formatting, and programming) and therefore the costs of the project.

Localizing your app will be your best ROI so do not forget to include it in your plans from the beginning. It will increase your opportunities to reach your target audience exponentially.

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By Javier Sánchez Velasco